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Free online course on how to define and analyse goals in Google Analytics

Monday 22 November 2010 | 20:07

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This Wednesday, November 24th, we’ll be hosting a free, live, online course all about using goals in Google Analytics. Goals are a way to measure conversions or successful actions on your website. This action could be a view of a specific page such as a 'thank you' page after a visitor has completed a form or made a purchase on your site.

In this live course you’ll learn how to set up goals and how they can be of benefit for you. We'll also clarify the difference between AdWords conversions and Google Analytics goal conversions. Finally, we'll discuss what reports the goals section offers and how these reports can help you make informed business decisions, particularly in relation to monitoring the performance of your AdWords ads.

This interactive course will be delivered by two members of the Google Analytics team and will take approximately 1 hour including time for Q&A. It will take place on Wednesday 24th November from 3pm - 4pm GMT and is suitable for anyone who’d like to learn more about goals in Google Analytics.

If you're interested make sure to sign up now!

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I missed this webinar. Where can I see the recording? Thanks.