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Introducing In-Page Analytics: Visual context for your Analytics data

Wednesday 20 October 2010 | 10:56


When looking at Google Analytics reports, sometimes it’s difficult to visualise how visitors navigate on a given website page. To make this visualisation easier, some users keep the website open in another browser tab so they can reference it while looking through reports. Others rely on the Site Overlay report in Google Analytics, which, admittedly, hasn’t worked as well it could.

Today, we’re happy to share with you a bit of what we’ve been working on to address this problem. We’re releasing a new feature into beta: In-Page Analytics. With In-Page Analytics, you can see your Google Analytics data superimposed on your website as you browse.

Take In-Page for a spin and let us know what you think. In-Page Analytics is still in beta, so some things in the report may not work perfectly yet. There’s a lot left to do, but there’s even more that we want build going forward. In-Page is currently available for all English users of Google Analytics. We also have a demo video that walks you through the feature and how you might use it.

You’ll find the In-Page Analytics report in the Content section in your Google Analytics account, and it replaces Site Overlay. You can read more about In-Page in the Google Analytics Help Centre. Let us know what you think and how you’re using it!

Posted by Trevor Claiborne, Google Analytics Team


Ravi Pathak- Tavic said...

I think the most important metrics here would be X % clicked below. That kind of information would help generate significant amount of action from the in-page analytics.

Also the superimposition of adsense data helps significant as well. It will be interesting to know when some of this data will be available via GA data export API so that we can update the excel plugin to get such interesting metrics.

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