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Get your ROI in shape for the summer with the Conversion Champion Challenge

Tuesday 22 June 2010 | 15:15

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  • Choose to bid using the metric that you’re most comfortable with: Target CPA or Max CPA
  • Set different CPA bids for each Ad Group if conversions in one are of more or less value to you than conversions in another. 
  • Let Conversion Optimiser run for a couple weeks to give it a chance to acclimate to your campaign’s performance.
  • Test it on just one campaign if you’re not ready to make large scale changes to your account. If you ever choose to disable the product, you’ll be able to return to the Max CPC bids that you had previously set.
  • Learn more and check out these success stories from advertisers who have used Conversion Optimiser.


Luke said...

It might be dangerous though, because if I get to be in Google, may not be human power that can take me out