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Google Ad Innovations: keep up to date on new Google ad tools

Friday 9 April 2010 | 16:10


Google Ad Innovations is a brand new website where you can find out about newly released ad technologies and cool features that are currently in beta testing. Here you can watch videos about these new features and then try them out in your account.

As well as containing information about Google Analytics, you will also find details on new AdWords opportunities in the Display, Search and Mobile space.

Here is a taster of what you can find on Google Ad Innovations:

Display: Remarketing
Allows you to show your ads to visitors who have already visited your website while they are browsing websites in the Google Content Network. Learn more.

Mobile: Click to Call Extensions
Allows potential customers who see your ad on their mobile devices with full browsers to call your business directly.  Learn more.

There are lots more new features to read about at the Ad Innovations site. Bookmark the page and visit regularly to ensure you are making the most out of your Google advertising and analysis tools.

Posted by Evelyn O’Keeffe, Google Analytics Team.


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Anonymous said...

A good summary, but there are still more innovations that are being rolled out.

I found this study the other day looking at the same topic.