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Increase your AdWords conversions: optimisation made easy with YouTube video guides

Monday 29 March 2010 | 17:44


It's important that your AdWords advertising helps you reach your business goals successfully, so here are 5 short videos to help you make sure your account is working as effectively as possible.

1. AdWords Account structure

This video shows you how a few minor changes to your account structure can make a big difference to your advertising performance:

2. AdWords budgeting tips

This video walks you through three simple ways to make your budget work better for you:

3. Improve keyword performance

This video explains the three simple steps you can take to improve your keywords and make sure you're effectively reaching your potential customers:

4. Improve ad texts

This video shows you how to write engaging ad texts to attract more customers:

5. Tracking results

This video shows you how to track and understand your AdWords results in order to fine tune your advertising:

We hope you find this series of videos useful in improving your AdWords performance and increasing conversions. Let us know what you think.

Posted by Mary Healy, Google AdWords team.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is what I needed! Video tutorials are definitely the best way to help users understand how to best optimize their ads.
Lots of work needed to better my campaign. Thanks again and keep them coming.

Eoin said...


Thanks for the videos. Makes adwords a bit easier to understand.

Travelfusion Webdev said...

Definitely quite helpful! Great feature- thank you for posting these videos.

john said...

As the owner of a small business I control my own Google adds to keep costs down. I am no expert but am gradually getting better and find video tutorials like this very helpfull. Thanks to the adwords team for this useful info.

Andy Hughes said...

Thanks for this. A great way to help people understand in simple terms how to get more out of Adwords for themselves. More of these aimed at DIY would be great.

istorey said...

Easy to understand and picked up a few 'tweaks' I can try

Mike Wright said...

This information is extremely beneficial.

johnchip said...

google is greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat