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Free online training courses in the Google AdWords Online Classroom

Tuesday 16 March 2010 | 16:17


Today we wanted to let you know about free online training modules available from Google.

The modules cover a variety of topics and below we've highlighted some conversion related courses that we think will interest our Conversion Room visitors.  

Each course is 15-20 minutes long and is available on demand, so you can learn from a Google expert at a time that's convenient for you!

The Google AdWords Online Classroom can be found here. And below you can find out more about a selection of the courses on offer...

Maximise your advertising ROI with Conversion Optimiser
Save time and increase your profits with Conversion Optimiser, a free AdWords bidding feature that allows you to set a maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Join the product team for an overview of how Conversion Optimiser works and learn how you can get more conversions at a lower cost for your AdWords search and content campaigns. This course would suit advertisers who want to focus on maximising conversions through AdWords.

Track your AdWords ROI using Google Analytics
Learn about Google Analytics and how it can provide valuable insights into your online business. This course will cover the creation of a new Analytics account, how to link it to your AdWords account, and how to install the Analytics code on your website to begin tracking visitor activity and conversions. This course would suit AdWords users who are not currently using Google Analytics or users who are new to the product.

Set up your Analytics account to track ROI
Correct set up is essential to ensure that you are making decisions based on accurate data. We will cover advanced implementation issues that will give you the confidence to make effective decisions on where to spend your marketing budget and areas of your site that could be optimised. This course would suit advertisers with more complex websites, such as subdomains or 3rd party shopping carts.

Use reports in Analytics to improve your AdWords return-on-investment
Learn how to interpret your Google Analytics Reports to identify areas of development for your AdWords campaigns. Get insight into evaluating data to identify focus points and optimise your AdWords performance. This course would suit advertisers who have already set up Google Analytics and are tracking data.

Get the most from your website with Website Optimiser
With Google's free Website Optimiser, you can test different lay-outs for pages of your website, and measure exactly which one generates the most sales or leads. We will provide you with an introduction to website testing, including how you can set up Website Optimiser and get testing yourself. This course would suit advertisers who are actively tracking their website's conversions and who are looking to make further site changes to improve their conversion rates.

Visit the site today and bookmark the page so you can take advantage of these free trainings at any time. 

Posted by Jo Hainsworth, Google Team.


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