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Google Analytics: upcoming system upgrade for greater scalability & reliability

Thursday 25 February 2010 | 14:36

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Within the next two weeks, Google Analytics will be performing a system upgrade. This upgrade is to further improve the scalability and reliability of Google Analytics to meet the demand of the increasing number of enterprises using Google Analytics.

Rest assured your website traffic data will be unaffected and there will be no interruption to data collection or processing. All reports will be available and accessible to users. However, for some limited hours, users will not be able to perform administrative account actions such as opening new accounts, creating or modifying profiles, setting up filters and goals and managing user access etc.

The specific system upgrade times will be posted in the Google Analytics administrative interface. If you anticipate a need to make account changes during the next two weeks we encourage you to make them as soon as possible to ensure smooth operations during the system upgrade.

We are proud to see the continued growth in Google Analytics and are committed to delivering the unparalleled reliability and scalability that users have come to expect from products running on Google’s globally renowned infrastructure.

P.S. Google Website Optimiser will also be undergoing a system upgrade. All running experiments will continue to run and collect data. However, users will be unable to create or modify experiments.

Posted by Dai Pham, Google Analytics Team