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Spotlight on new Google Analytics features: More goals and Engagement Goals

Friday 22 January 2010 | 18:47


Today we wanted to highlight some recent enhancements to goals in Google Analytics.

More goals and Goal Sets
You can now track even more visitor actions and behaviours on your site within one Google Analytics profile. Previously in Google Analytics there was a limit of 4 goals per profile, but now we've increased this to 20 goals to ensure you can track every important performance metric for your site. These 20 goals are broken down into 4 Goal Sets, each with 5 available goals. You can use Goal Sets to group similar marketing objectives together.

Engagement goals
In the past a goal was tracked by specifying a URL on your website that represented a completed action, such as a 'Thank You' page. Now we've introduced Engagement Goals to allow you to see visitors Time on Site and Pages per Visit as defined goals or conversions.

These two metrics allow you to gauge visitor involvement with your site and measure engagement with particular content for a specific amount of time, or to measure visitor interaction with your site in terms of the number of pages viewed.

Engagement goals are just as easy to set up as URL destination goals...

Within your chosen profile in Google Analytics, visit the 'profile settings' page:

You can then select 'add goal':

Finally select the specifics of your new Engagement Goal. You also have the option of assigning a value to this goal:

Now that you can track more goals, and new engagement goals, you will have the opportunity to track macro and micro conversions on your site. 

Here's are some examples of how different sites may organise their Goal Sets...

Digital print store and photogrpahy site
Marketing objectives: sales and growing registered members of community

Goal Set 1:
Goal 1 - completed purchase
Goal 2 - completed add to cart
Goal 3 - brochure download

Goal Set 2:
Goal 1 - sign ups to online community
Goal 2 - new posts to forum
Goal 3 - sign ups to monthly newsletter
Goal 4 - time on site

Local news & weather site
Marketing objective: increasing visitor engagement and serving third party

Goal Set 1:
Goal 1 - Spend more than 5 mins on site
Goal 2 - View more than 10 pages per visit

Goal Set 2:
Goal 1 - Completed site feedback form
Goal 2 - Signed up for site newsletter

To learn more about creating goals in Google Analytics and accessing your goal reports check out the YouTube video below:

We hope you find these new goal types useful!


Anonymous said...

is it going to be possible to find out the conversation rate of completed behavior goals.

example: 10 of 100 visitors spends 5 min on site looking at atleast 10 pages.

(a 10% conv rate of goal(5min))

two of those 10 visits that were on my site for 5+ minutes completed a purchase

[a 20% conv rate of goal(successPurch by 5+min) and an overall conv rate of 2% over all visitors]

make sense?

Bert van Meteren said...

Yes that where we where waiting for.
Pinpointing where the traffic goes on your website. Cool