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A new resource to help your AdWords ads perform better

Friday 8 January 2010 | 14:15


A new year tends to bring new year's resolutions, so why not make one now to get even more sales and leads from your AdWords campaigns?

To help you do this, we'd like to share the new Google AdWords Optimisation Centre with you. This is an online guide focused on helping you access lots of useful information even faster to improve the success of your advertising campaigns.

For easy usability, our AdWords specialists have organised the navigation of the site in three different ways:

  1. View tips by level of expertise so that the advice matches your AdWords knowledge. You can choose to start with basic tips, move on to more intermediate techniques and finish up with advanced advice.

  2. Click directly on the account features you'd like advice on. You’ll get detailed suggestions on topics ranging from writing compelling ads to using advanced bidding techniques.
  3. Read strategic tips that our AdWords experts have put together based on your potential advertising goals, such as increasing sales, or improving clickthrough rate.

Visit the Google AdWords Optimisation Centre today to find answers easily and become an AdWords expert!

Posted by David O'Donovan, Google AdWords team