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Discover new AdWords keywords for 2010 with the Search-based Keyword Tool

Monday 4 January 2010 | 10:06


Now that the Christmas peak is over you may be thinking about how to drive more traffic to your AdWords campaigns during 2010 and in turn drive more sales/leads on your website.

Millions of people use Google each day to find products and services by searching on various keywords. This means that by including all keywords that are relevant to your product or service in your campaigns, you can ensure as many potential customers as possible see your ads.

To help you do this, you can use the Search-based Keyword Tool to quickly identify relevant keywords which are not yet included in your AdWords campaigns.

Check out our new YouTube video below to see how the tool works and how it has already helped one AdWords advertiser to increase sales:

To see keyword suggestions for your AdWords account today go to, sign in to your AdWords account and enter your website URL.

Posted by Donal Mac Manus, Google AdWords team.


Mark said...

Well, if only the sktool worked properly then we'd all be happy.

Main problem is that it won't scan your website properly.

I don't have that many pages on my site but the tool seems incapable of getting passed the first 12 pages.

Free Ecards said...

yah its nice information........ thanks google....

Bert van Meteren said...

i gona try that, thanks!

Ejaz said...

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