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Companies and Conversions: Marie Curie increased donations by 14% using Website Optimiser

Monday 23 November 2009 | 14:24

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This week we wanted to share how Marie Curie improved its website performance using Website Optimiser and saw a 14% increase in donations on the site!

Marie Curie felt its 'Make a donation' page could be improved to increase conversion rates.

The organisation's web team had some ideas on changes that might result in more donations:

  • a simplified donation form
  • removing unnecessary information from the page
  • making the purpose of the page clearer

In order to see if their hypotheses were correct they decided to use Google Website Optimiser. Marie Curie ran a straightforward A/B test, and within a few weeks saw that the new layout had already increased donations by 14%.

Original 'donate' page

New 'donate' page

Marie Curie's web manager, Victoria Ludlow describes the results:

"our hypothesis was correct, the new page did improve our donations. However we never expected to improve them by that much. We are absolutely delighted with the results".

What can you do next?

Think about how you could improve the performance of your website's conversion page and test a new variation. Analytics data will help you identify which pages to test, for example, you may want to test different versions of the pages that have the highest exit rates.

Could you simplify your lead/contact form?

Do you provide all necessary information on your product pages so that it's easier for customers to make their purchase decision?

To see examples of what you could test on your new variation, read our 'Make your website work' ebook and check out this previous Conversion Room blog post.

Once you know what to test, you can set up an A/B test using Google Website Optimiser by following these steps. When your test has been running for at least two weeks, you can see check your reports to see which of the variations performs best.

You can then implement these changes, monitor your conversions and look for other pages or page elements to test next!

Marie Curie are just one of a number of Google Website Optimiser users that have shared their conversion improvement success stories with us. You can read more about others companies in the 'Learn' tab above.You can also read more about our Google Conversion Professionals programme in the 'Expert Help' tab and see how they could help you improve your site's profitability.

Posted by Faustina Clifford, Google Team.


Dr. Pete said...

Just a quick follow-up idea for them, since it popped out at me. Marie Cure might want to test removing the "Donate Now" button from the donation page - it might be confusing people and making them question if they're in the right place (leading to multiple clicks of that button and frustration).

PPC Kem said...

I'd actually think about doing a multivariate test by changing the messages on the button "Donate Today", "Give" etc and changing the main images.

This is a great example of how even subtle changes can increase conversion dramatically