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View-through conversion reporting on the Google Content Network

Tuesday 13 October 2009 | 15:07


In our previous posts on the Google Content Network we discussed the importance of tracking your performance using conversion tracking, the networks tab and other easy to use tools within AdWords.

Today, to help you better measure the value of your display advertising campaigns, we're announcing a new feature called View-through conversion reporting on the Google Content Network.

Display ads are influential in driving purchase consideration and the overall awareness for your product or service, and with View-through conversion reporting, you can better measure the impact of your display ad campaign for those instances where your ad is seen, but not immediately clicked on. More specifically, View-through conversion reporting measures the number of conversions that occurred within 30 days of a display ad impression for which there was no ad click generated.

By using View-through conversion reporting, you can more easily compare the performance of your Google Content Network campaign with the performance of your other display advertising campaigns. This feature can also help you determine the best ways and places to advertise, how best to optimise your display ad campaigns, and, ultimately, how to spend your advertising budget more effectively.

Here is an example of how View-through conversion reporting works: Let's say you're selling pet food online and you're measuring conversions on your site's shopping cart "Thank You" pages. You've been testing running an image ad with a cute cat in it on the Google Content Network. Previously, you could only see if a visitor clicked on your ad and went on to purchase on your site. But if a user saw your colourful image ad, and later thought to visit and buy from your site, you had no way of knowing that your cat image ad had generated this business.

Now, if a visitor sees your display ad, does not click on it but then visits your site within the next 30 days to purchase cans of cat food, you'll see a View-through conversion reported on your Campaigns tab in AdWords. With this feature you can much more clearly assess how your display campaigns are impacting visitor behaviour.

Visit the Campaigns tab in AdWords to activate the optional View-through conversion reporting column. You'll need to have AdWords Conversion Tracking installed for View-through conversion reporting to work for your campaigns. However, the good news is if you have conversion tracking enabled in your AdWords account, View-through conversion tracking will automatically work for your display ads.

To learn more about View-through conversion reporting on the Google Content Network, you can visit our Help Centre. We hope this feature will provide you with better information about your campaigns and help you get the most out of your display advertising campaigns.

Posted by Ciaran Russell, Google AdWords Team.


Maneli said...

Hi, this new feature is great but I would have few suggestions to improve it:
1. I think that the cookie assigned to users who see an ad shoud not last 30 days. Seeing ad and coming from a different source is about awareness and who remembers what he saw ones 30 days ago?
2. The cookie should be assigned only after seeing ad more times. I do not believe that people become aware of some ad after seeig it ones when their attention is focussed on something different. When the ad repeats few times, it might drag someones' attention.

And question:
Does Google drop a cookie when user really see the ad or already when the site loads? What about ads placed on the bottom on the site which needs some scroll down function to be seen?