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Find new converting keywords more efficiently with the Search-based Keyword Tool

Monday 28 September 2009 | 11:09


Trying to think all of the possible keyword variations that your potential customers could be using to find your site can sometimes be an inexact science. But did you know that you can leverage the power of search to discover these missed keyword opportunities? By logging into the Search-based Keyword Tool and entering your website’s URL, you can quickly and easily discover search queries that are relevant to your site, but that are not currently in your AdWords campaigns.

When you enter your URL, you will not only receive potentially valuable new keyword ideas, but also:

  • The average number of searches on each query per month
  • The competitive bidding level for each term
  • The estimated bid to appear in the top three ad positions
  • The % of time with which an ad for your website appeared for the given query
  • The % of time which your site appeared in the first page of search results for the query
  • The suggested landing page for each keyword

Read how a South African travel services company, Accommodation Direct, increased their conversions and reduced cost per conversion by 34 percent with the Search-based Keyword Tool (SbKT) here.

To see your keyword ideas, just go to, sign in to your AdWords account, and enter your website URL.

Post by David O'Donovan, Google AdWords Team.