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Companies and conversions: uSwitch reduce CPA by 40% using Conversion Optimiser

Monday 17 August 2009 | 09:46

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This week's post in our 'Companies and conversions' series looks at who began testing AdWords free bid management feature, the Conversion Optimiser. The decision to change from their old bid management strategy has led to a doubling of conversions for uSwitch and a reduction in conversion costs of 40% has convinced them to roll out Conversion Optimiser for more of their campaigns.

Focusing on conversions
The ultimate conversion goal for is for users to complete a switch to a different product or to complete an online application, such as a credit card application.

uSwitch had been using a bid management system that adjusted AdWords CPC bids based on a target cost-per-acquisition (CPA). In October 2008, Rebecca Ford, Search Marketing Manager for, was looking to try a different solution as the existing system was complex, time consuming and was not bringing in the results the company were looking for.

Reducing costs, not traffic
Ford decided to trial the free AdWords Conversion Optimiser on one of their campaigns. An important factor for uSwitch was that any changes made to their AdWords campaigns should not reduce traffic volumes.

Within 30 days of implementing Conversion Optimiser, uSwitch's CPA reduced by almost 40% while the total number of conversions more than doubled to 102%. At the same time, traffic to the site remained constant.

What should you do next?
Review your current bid management process for your AdWords campaigns. Is this process conversion and ROI focused? Is it time intensive or complex and does it result in the performance your business wants or needs?

If there is room for improvement and testing, then consider using the Conversion Optimiser on one of your campaigns and see how many more conversions you could be getting for your investment in AdWords.

Once you have Conversion Tracking enabled, or have imported your Google Analytics goals into AdWords, all you need is 15 conversions in 30 days to start using Conversion Optimiser. Simply choose 'Focus on conversions(Conversion Optimiser)' from within your campaign settings tab in AdWords.

uSwitch are just one of the companies that have shared conversion improvement success stories with us. Read more about other companies improving conversion in the Conversion Centre.


Paddy Moogan said...

Hi Ruth,

Interesting case study. I've used conversion optimiser for several sites with mixed results. The system did work in bringing down our CPA which is great, however there was a drop in the number of overall conversions. Are there any tests/tweaks you'd suggest to try and increase traffic to the site after Conversion Optimiser has been running for a while?

I guess what I'm after is how we manage a campaign that has conversion optimiser enabled and how we refine/improve it?



Indo_Fraiser said...

If some of the conversation rates are going well consider splitting the campaign into two campaigns and just tweak one so as to not damage the working one.

I also look to balance off the conversation rates again the income that we get from each keyword as well.