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How to convert clicks into profit - download free Google how-to guide

Monday 13 July 2009 | 10:28

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We wanted to share this how-to guide with you as we think it is a great resource for anyone involved in online marketing. How to convert clicks into profits, is a step by step manual for working with 5 Google products that can help you increase your online profitablility: Insights for Search, Conversion Tracking, Conversion Optimiser, Google Analytics and Website Optimiser.

Whether you are new to one or all of these products, or an experienced user, you will find tips and best practices to help you track your online results and drive competitive improvements. Equip yourself with the tools and the resources to identify areas of improvements on your website and start seeing the impact you can have on your bottom line.

Download a pdf version of the how-to guide now and drive conversions for your business, no matter what the economic climate.

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