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Website Optimiser advanced testing tricks

Monday 15 June 2009 | 13:18

Calling all Website Optimiser users! Do you get a kick out of setting up new tests, and waiting eagerly for the results? Or have you read our Techie Guide to Website Optimiser end to end and are hungry for more? Well then we have some excellent advanced resources in store for you.

Eric Vasilik, the lead Website Optimiser engineer based in the US, has put together a new GWO Tricks blog showcasing some of the advanced techniques which can be performed using Website Optimiser. These include:

  • Multiple goals: Setup tests where you can track multiple goals separately. For example you may want to track brochure downloads, separately from product sales within the same test.
  • Website Optimiser and Google Analytics integration: Import Website Optimiser data into Google Analytics so you can reap the benefits of additional features such as segmenting experiment traffic against your GA data.
  • Fragmented Sections: Experiment with your site in such a way that you can fragment pieces of the page that you want to change, but allow you to have those pieces change together.

It's important to note that these are fairly advanced articles, so if you're just starting out with Website Optimiser, you may want to begin by looking at our Beginners Guide to Website Optimiser or the dedicated GWO Help Centre.

If you have tests that you've run with Website Optimiser, and would like to share, don't hesitate to contact us!