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Getting ready for the new AdWords interface

Friday 12 June 2009 | 15:09


If you are an AdWords advertiser, you may remember in May we posted on how the new AdWords interface can improve efficiency and results.

New features we reviewed in the post included:
  • Graphs to track your performance over time
  • Integrated reports that provide detailed search and content network data
  • Faster editing to help you make changes quickly

And a lot's been happening since...

You've probably received an email from us letting you know that your account will be converted to the new interface in the coming weeks. Today we have two release updates to share with you: we've recently made the new interface available to everyone who uses AdWords Standard Edition globally, and we've begun the migration process with a small number of accounts.

In our email, we stated that you would have at least 30 days before we update your account. This 30 day period is a minimum; in fact, most advertisers will have more than 30 days before their accounts are switched to the new interface. We're taking a gradual and deliberate approach to ensure a smooth transition, and we won't upgrade your account until we're confident that the new interface meets your advertising needs.

So, how should you prepare for the transition to the new interface? First, the single most important resource to help you get up to speed is the new AdWords interface microsite*. Here you can find short videos explaining the benefits of the new interface, a before and after guide, and even a short quiz you can take to make sure you're ready for the changes.

Next, if you haven't explored the new interface yet, now is a good time; try it by signing in to your AdWords account. If you notice any issues that make it difficult to manage your campaigns in the new interface, please let us know right away by submitting feedback.

If you've already sent us feedback on the new interface, thank you! We're listening closely to your comments and are working to fix the problems you've reported, such as scrolling and slow load times for some types of browsers and Internet connections.

We've already made a number of changes in response to your feedback, and this week we've released updates to the new interface that address many of the top issues we've heard. And we're not done yet; we'll continue to make ongoing improvements to the new interface over time.

For those of you who joined the beta test early, we hope you like how the new AdWords interface has improved. And for those of you just getting started, we hope you're already noticing a few of the ways the new interface can help you get more out of your AdWords campaigns.

* Microsite also available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, and many more.

Originally posted on the Inside AdWords blog

Posted by Ruth Brennan, Google AdWords Team