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New Google Analytics features coming soon

Friday 8 May 2009 | 15:49

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This week we announced some feature updates that are coming soon to Google Analytics. These features are currently in beta but will be available in all accounts in the coming weeks. Our new features will provide advanced users of Google Analytics even greater data analysis capabilities.

Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions

Secondary dimensions allow you to view data by two dimensions at once, such as 'keyword' and 'city'. You can then pivot by another dimension such as 'source', while also viewing two additional metrics such as 'visits' and 'pages/visit'. So you can see the total values of your keywords for the 'visits' and 'pages/visit' metrics along with the same metrics pivoted by source.

Check out this video to see how Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions will look in your account:

Share Custom Reports and Advanced Segment Customisations

This week we also announced the ability to share customisations you have made using Custom Reports and Advanced Segmentation. This feature will allow you to share your report structure with colleagues or friends by simply sharing a URL. When people click on the URL you send them they can import the report structure into their own Google Analytics accounts, but they will see their own data in the report and not yours!

Manage Customisations Across Profiles

If you have multiple profiles you will be able to select which profiles can view each of the Custom Reports and Advanced Segments associated with your account. This will ensure you are only applying a customisation to a profile where that report makes sense.

In our next series of Google Analytics posts on the Conversion Room we will highlight some of the other Google Analytics launches of the past year so you are up to speed on all the new features available and how to use them to make your data analysis easier and more effective.