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Improving efficiency and results with the new AdWords interface

Tuesday 5 May 2009 | 16:44


If you're an AdWords user, you may have heard that we've made some exciting updates to the AdWords interface which should increase your advertising efficiency and makes it easier for you to improve your results.

The new AdWords interface is now available to all active AdWords accounts in these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese.

If your account is in one of the above languages, you'll be directed to the new interface the next time you log in. The previous interface will still be available if you need it. You can switch back and forth using the "New Interface (Beta)" and "Previous Interface" links in the top corner of your account, next to your email address.

Faster insight into performance, more control

The first thing you'll notice when switching to the new AdWords interface is a clear difference in the look and feel of the campaign management pages. In addition to this makeover, we have added a number of features to provide faster insight into performance and control over campaigns. Here are just some of the changes:

Performance summary graphs
See customisable graphs at the account, campaign, and ad group levels of your account. Select up to two metrics to chart on each graph and
evaluate your performance trends at a glance.

In-line editing
You can now edit your ads, keywords, placements and bids directly within the tabs in your account. You no longer need to visit a new page to make changes saving time and allowing you to react quickly to changes in performance.

Actionable search query report
See the search queries that delivered clicks from individual keywords within your keywords tab, then add new keywords or negatives to your ad group directly from the report.

Automatic placements report
You can view details for 'Automatic placements' on the Networks tab to see the sites on the Content Network that your ads have appeared on. Easily add sites that are performing well to your managed placements, or exclude sites where you do not wish to appear, from within the report.

You can now set filters to restrict the data you're viewing to business rules you specify. For example, see only the keywords that have a CTR below 1%, or those keywords which receive at least 10 clicks.

To start managing your campaigns with the new features available in the new AdWords interface, simply log into your AdWords account. For additional help, please check out the new AdWords interface microsite or new help centre.

We'll continue to add features to the new interface and make additional adjustments until we're confident that the new interface meets the needs of our advertisers. At that point we'll convert all AdWords accounts to use the new interface exclusively, so there will be no switching back to the old interface.

To find out more about the new AdWords interface in an alternative language, check out one of the following microsites: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew.