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Insights for Search iGoogle Gadget

Monday 6 April 2009 | 14:26

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A few weeks ago, we introduced Google Insights for Search and showed you how you can capitalise on search trends by knowing what your target audience are searching for on Google. Using on-trend search terms within your online marketing campaigns will ensure that your message is as relevant to your audience as it can be.

To make things even easier for you, we have created a search trends iGoogle gadget which displays the 'Top rising searches' and 'Top related searches' right on your Google homepage. You can change the settings to show results for a specific location, keyword, category or source in order to have the most up to date information available for your industry or product.

* Data pulled 06/04/09

The screenshot to the left shows 'Rising Searches' within the 'Sports' category for the UK and could be used for travel, retail or promotional opportunities. The second screenshot shows the 'Top Searches' in the UK for the last 7 days with the relative traffic displayed for each search term. This gives an idea of the overall trend in searches in the UK and insight into how your target audience is browsing the web and spending their time online.

Adding this gadget to your homepage only takes a few seconds and results update automatically so you can stay on top of trends, or be aware of any news story which may impact search volume for some of your keywords.

If you are currently signed into your Google Account, the gadget will automatically add to your iGoogle homepage.

New data sources - We've added additional data from Google News, Image and Product Search sites so you can see what the world is searching for beyond Google Web Search. For example, retailers could use the Product Search filter to get a better understanding of what people are more likely to buy, and then stock the appropriate products.

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