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Explore conversion opportunities with Google's content network

Monday 20 April 2009 | 14:08

In the quest for stronger conversion performance on your website, many of you may already drive traffic through search marketing programmes such as Google AdWords. Advertising on search engines like Google offers you the ability to target users when they are ready to make a purchase decision - customers are already looking for what you offer at the point that they see your ad, and you only pay once they click through to your site. So far so good! But are there ways to extend your reach beyond search advertising, while still maintaining great sales and leads performance from your online ads?

The Google content network is a highly effective way to do this for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, internet users spend 95% of their time online on non-search sites. When you show your ads on the content network, you can reach potential customers as they browse websites relevant to your products and services. This also means that you can reach customers at different points in the buying cycle, providing you with multiple points at which you can show your ad and drive more conversions. Secondly, using this targeting, the average AdWords advertiser already gets 20% of their conversions from the content network, with an average cost-per-acquisition that is 2% lower than on search*. Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities the content network presents, or brush up on your existing knowledge, through the video clip series below.

Introduction to the content network

What has the Content network got to offer you and how does it work?

Flexibility of ad formats

Beyond text ads, here's how you can generate your own display ads - for free.

Tracking results

Effective ways to track ROI from content advertising within an AdWords account (note: Analytics also provides you with this functionality.)

The above videos are also available in German, Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch.

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* Conversion and CPA averages based on internal analysis of Google advertisers advertising on both search and content, with conversion tracking enabled, from Dec. 2007 – Nov. 2008.

Posted By CiarĂ¡n Russell, Google Content Network Team