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Introducing Google Analytics Authorised Consultants

Tuesday 24 March 2009 | 16:37

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Have you ever thought of having an expert manage Google Analytics for you, to ensure you get more from it or to save you time? Or maybe you are an Analytics expert and have considered providing technical and consultancy services for other businesses? In either case, you may be interested in learning more about the Google Analytics Authorised Consultant Program with us this week.

Why use a GAAC?

Google Analytics is a valuable tool for helping you understand and interpret visitor interaction with your website. Unlike other web analytics programmes, Google Analytics is free of charge and therefore available for use by website owners everywhere (no matter how big or small). Most of our users manage their Google Analytics set-up and reporting very successfully themselves. However, there may be times when working with a consultant could help you get even more business value from Google Analytics. Consider whether any of the criteria below might apply to you:

  • Time is precious: you'd like to get more from the 80+ reports in Analytics, but you don't always have time to prioritise what data to look at or to review it in detail.
  • Technical needs: you'd prefer to have someone else work on the implementation and set up of Analytics.
  • Customised implementation: Analytics is not fully compatible with your site, due to dynamic content, or third party shopping carts/booking systems. You'd love someone to customise Analytics for your needs.
  • Making a business impact: you'd like help interpreting Analytics data so that you can take the right action to maximise on your current traffic and improve conversions.
  • Personalised training: Your team would benefit from in-person training on key aspects of Analytics from setting up goals to incorporating e-commerce data, to taking action on reports.

If this sounds familiar, and you'd like to investigate outsourcing Google Analytics management for your business, check out our global map to locate your nearest Authorised Consultant.

Why become a GAAC?

If you're an agency or third party that already uses Google Analytics to help grow clients' online businesses, you may be interested in earning the accreditation that comes with being an Authorised Consultant. Does this sound like you?

  • Analytics experience: you have expertly deployed Google Analytics for clients in the past, and they would rate your services highly.
  • Technical know-how: you are comfortable with multiple web technologies (flash, jsp, asp, php) and have expert knowledge of javascript, cookies, http headers and redirects.
  • Conversion focus: you are passionate about providing solutions to clients, using Google Analytics data to identify new site design and conversion opportunities.
  • Business resources: you represent an incorporated business and have a support team to work with you (your team analyses online data, pitches to clients, and can advise on site design and development).

To become an Authorised Consultant and reach new clients for your business services, find out more.

In our next post, we'll introduce guest blogger and Google Analytics Authorised Consultant, Russell Sutton. Russell will share tips and know-how he's gained from working in the online industry on how to improve website conversions, no matter what the economic climate.