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Capitalise on search trends using Insights for Search

Monday 16 March 2009 | 14:26


As an online marketer, have you ever wanted to know what people are searching for online? If you could see what search terms people are using on Google, which cities these searches were coming from and at what times of the year, you could plan your advertising campaigns to match consumer trends and capitalise on your marketing budgets.

With Google Insights for Search you can do just this! Insights for Search is a free tool that allows you to see what the world is searching for. It provides flexibility and functionality for advertisers and marketers to understand online search behaviour and adapt their messages accordingly. Features that you may find useful include:
  • A world Geo Heat Map to show volume of traffic from different locations
  • Ability to search trends by location, time frame or category
  • News Headlines which may have impacted search volume for a specific time
  • Top searches - highest searched terms by category or by region
  • Rising Searches - fastest growing trends by category or region

In the first of our series of posts on Google Insights for Search, we are going to look at how the Top Searches and Rising searches sections can help you understand search behaviour within your industry. By using the results you find, you can ensure that the keywords in your marketing campaigns really match what your audience is searching for.

Search trends within your industry

From the Insights for Search homepage, choose a category using the drop-down menu without entering in any search terms. You can also apply a location filter, such as the United Kingdom, or a time frame using the appropriate drop-down menus. Then, click Search.

The Top searches and Rising searches towards the bottom of the page show you what searches are most prevalent in your industry or category, given the selected time frame. The Rising searches are a good indication of any changes or patterns that are emerging that you should be aware of. Simply add these terms as keywords for one of your PPC campaigns and you can be sure not to miss out on any traffic from these new trends.

Also, try using some of the results within your advertising messages, or ad texts, if you are not doing so already. This will also help to push your message to a more receptive audience.

Check out this 60 second video on how you can capitalise on search trends to create relevant advertising messages.

See more results!
See more than 10 results by simply downloading the results as a CSV file from the top right corner of the screen. When you open the CSV file with whatever spreadsheet application you choose, you'll be able to see more than the top 10 searches and rising searches. Just a note, you'll need to sign into your Google account to see numbers or download results to a spreadsheet.

This is just an example to get your ideas flowing. Look our for more instalments about Insights for Search in the coming weeks or if you can't wait, click on the button below to get started and see what you can find out about search trends for your business.