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10 ways Google can help you in today's economic climate

Monday 5 January 2009 | 09:50

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Over the past few months, with house prices falling and car sales reaching record lows, the economic news has not been particularly easy to listen to. We all know whats happening, we just don't know how long it will continue. What is certain, is that during an economic slowdown, it is more important than ever to make sure the right customers find and use your business.

Bargain hunters don't drive!

As more and more consumers are now operating online, with easy access to information, tools and new technologies, they are likely to start developing new behaviors which will fuel further consumption of digital technologies and the internet. Today's shoppers are online, looking for the best deals or next big promotion in advance of going to stores and your online presence and marketing efforts need to adapt to these changes.

Understanding the digital consumer with Google technology

By understanding today's consumer, companies can take advantage of digital technology and media to become more effective at growing their business and protecting themselves against the current downturn. Google has various tools to help you do this. We have outlined 10 ways Google can help you improve your online marketing efforts in today's climate which you can find in our 10 ways Newsletter.